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Message from President

From passenger vehicles to industrial and construction machinery:on all fronts, we are helping to build the automotive future.

In an era of sweeping changes to fundamental automotive technology, Yamaguchi Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (YEC) takes a bold, global approach to the development, manufacture and sale of parts, including the vehicle backup alarms and switches that are essential not only to passenger vehicles, but also to construction equipment, special purpose trucks and a wide range of other vehicles.

Whatever changes may occur in the technology and the business environment, the need for vehicles to transport people, aid in their work, and ship goods will never change. We at YEC are dedicated to meeting these diverse needs effectively through superior technology, and to contributing to the progress of automobiles and society through joint development with automakers and supply of repair parts on a worldwide scale.

Our strength lies in our ability to track the advancements in components for all types of vehicles on a design basis, thanks to the vast variety of vehicles for which we supply parts. With a firm grasp not only of upcoming technological developments, but also of repair part needs and specification requirements of vehicles already on the road, we are on the verge of initiating a new approach to component development, based largely on sensor technology.

Aiming to maximize productivity, we also operate a plant in China, and building on our expertise in automotive component structure, we have already begun accepting orders to produce parts under contract for manufacturers hoping to expand their presence in the growing Chinese market.

At YEC, we hope to leverage our industry-leading level of development, technology and production know-how to make every possible contribution to global society. All of us at YEC appreciate your attention and look forward to your continued patronage and support. Thank you.

Tetsuo Yamaguchi